TRaC Associates: About Us

TRaC Associates is the world's largest single source for ultra high performance and specialty digital projection screens. We have the exclusive North American rights to many products including the world's first 20 Gain display, GlassVu, our Floating (3D) Display, our 2-Way display and MirrorVu. We continue to innovate with products like our Window TV and custom mounting solutions. And we continue the search for cutting edge digital projection products.

When Dave and I first viewed the black shelves projection screens in 2000, we developed the vision which drives the company today. Bring the digital projection market the most unique, high performance displays the world has to offer, and help people communicate in areas and venues never before achievable. 

We have been in the digital projection business since its infancy and have a combined 25+ years as executives at digital projection pioneers like In Focus Systems, Lightware, & Dukane. All of the sudden, we realized that to benefit from the performance capabilities and justify the expense of digital projectors, projection screens needed to be of higher quality and performance.

Imagine our surprise when we realized the digital projectors we had championed for years had creativity and flexibility attributes that couldn't be truly utilized by the current screen technology. This led us to the conclusion that far too little attention was being paid to the most important reason for purchasing a projector the viewer interface. After all, what good was a great projector if the image was going to be reproduced on a mediocre screen?

But TRaC needed to be more than just a company selling some very cool products. We wanted to help those people who wanted to communicate visually, but for whatever reason (cost, technology limitations, physical space limitations, etc) could not do so. We needed to offer our knowledge and experience freely to help our customers become visual superstars in the eyes of their clients.

So, when you work with TRaC Associates, you will get more than just great products. You will get straight answers on what will and will not work. We will even direct you to another technology if we don't think our products are the right solution for you.

Leverage our extensive digital projection experience and market knowledge to offer truly creative designs and marketing solutions with impact beyond the sameness of current technology.

Benefit from our 4 years of searching and evaluating products worldwide. Tap into the knowledge we've received while getting feedback and consulting with designers, architects, staging companies, AV integrators, trade show developers and content creators to understand the needs and concerns of each market.

Mike DeWitt
Managing Partner


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