Motorized & Manual screens

LUMIN roll screens are the world's brightest. They perform in high ambient light situations. This makes them ideal for Boardrooms or Conference rooms where there is a desire to keep the room lighted.

All roller systems are industry standard.

  • LUMIN Silver Roll - Motorized
    Front projection screens which are available in 4:3 or 16:9 formats. Sizes go to 250" diagonals (12.5' x 16.5'). The larger sizes are excellent for auditoriums and very large conference rooms. All screens utilize an industry standard SOMFY motor. They can be easily recessed into a ceiling or installed traditionally. Ultra bright 20 Gain screens.

  • LUMIN Silver Roll - Manual
    Front projection screens for "pull down" functionality. Sizes available up to a 120" diagonal ( 6' x 8'). Ultra bright 20 Gain screens.

  • LUMIN Optical Roll - Motorized
    A rear projection, 5 Gain screen that is available in sizes up to a 100" diagonal (5' x 6.5').
  • Motorized diagonal sizes up to 250

  • Seamless to 100 (4:3) and 120 (16:9) diagonals. Larger versions have an invisible seam from a normal viewing distance.  

  • Ultra bright while maintaining a good viewing angle

  • Special scratch resistant coating helps protect the screens from casual scratching.

  • Motorized screens come standard with a wall switch - up/down stop.  Remote controllers available as an option.

  • Standard wall and ceiling mount or a concealed, in the ceiling mount.

  • SOMFY motor carries a 5 year warranty.

  • Life time warranty on screen material.

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