It probably hasn't been that long since you sold, specified, or installed a Plasma Display, an LCD display, or a fabric screen from one of the many quality suppliers out there. These "Viewer Interface" products seem to get all the attention these days.

But when is the last time you used or specified a high-technology, projection display? If you haven't considered projection displays when creating solutions for your customers, you're missing an opportunity to offer them uniqueness and the full benefit of your creative expertise. Read More >>

Fixed Displays:
Front or rear projection screens made of rigid materials which are either framed or used in their native state for edge-to-edge imaging. They are typically mounted on a wall and are available in 4:3 or 16:9 formats.

Window Displays:
Rear projection screens made of a soft, pliable, very thin film which usually has it own water activated adhesive. Or foils that are a semi-rigid, thin material which bends but cannot be rolled, and requires some form of mounting material like tape or Velcro.

Films and foils can be mounted on either side of glass or acrylic surfaces - mounting them on the outside surface will eliminate any reflections, but will open them to fingerprints and abuse. The materials can be cut in any shape or size.

"Free-hanging" Displays:
Front or rear projection screens that are rigid and don't need a hard mounting surface. While lightweight, they maintain enough heft to prevent curling. When a film or foil desired it can easily be transformed into a "free hanging" display by framing or mounting to acrylic.

Most commonly, "free hanging" displays are used when you need to hang something from the ceiling in the middle of a room or aisle. They are used very effectively as overhead displays in high traffic areas.

Specialty Displays:
Unique screens that perform like nothing you've seen before. They create a one-of-a-kind look. They are best used to create a "buzz" or demonstrate a "real cool" image.

We provide mirror screens, 3D (Floating) displays, 2-Way screens and Transparent (see-thru) films.Most specialty displays can be provided in different shapes and sizes. They are all rear projection screens.

Motorized and Manual Displays:
The LUMIN Silver motorized roll screens are not your normal white matte, one (1) Gain screen. These are very bright, 20 Gain screens with a Lifetime warranty on the screen material.
They use an industry standard SOMFY motor and come with housings that can be ceiling, wall, or recess mounted. The motorized screens are available in sizes up to a 200" diagonal. "Pull Down" LUMIN Silver screens are also available in sizes up to 120" (6'x 8').

Products -- Projector Cooling System, Anti-reflective film, special acrylic, and some mounting hardware --to help ensure the robustness of your Digital Signage system and maximize your images.

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