Specialty Display Screens

Where would we be without innovators and creative thinkers? Many people thrill at the prospect of being different, standing out and asserting their individuality.

It is to these people we offer the most unique and exciting projection displays on the market.

Want a WoW  factor? We've yet to meet anyone who wasn't totally enamored by the Floating (3D) display.

Need a sexy look? The transparent film mounted on acrylic will deliver.

How about covering an entire room with big screen video while using a single projector? Try the LUMIN 2-Way.


  • Floating (3D) Display rear projection hard acrylic type
  • MirrorVu rear projection film or hard type
  • TransVuE rear projection transparent/see through - film
  • 2-Way display front or rear projection foil

o   Diagonals to 80 in Video format, and 100 in widescreen format

o  Ultra bright while maintaining a good viewing angle

o  Custom shapes and sizes available up to a 250 diagonal

o  Mounts on curved surfaces

o  No special orientation of the display or the projector required

o  Limited Warranty

o  View complete specifications: