Window Displays

If you want to deliver a digital message, that maintains impact, while in full sunlight, no product accomplishes this better than TRaC's "Window TV" system. It consists of a GlassVuE film with a matching projector in order to ensure you have the required number of lumens per square inch in order to be impressive in full sunlight.

If there is indirect sunlight or the area is heavily lighted, you will need very bright displays that offer front or rear projection flexibility. These displays can be applied directly to a window or TRaC can mount them on acrylic for hanging in a window.

Your surface is curved? No problem. You need a specific shape or size? No problem. The mounting versatility of these films and foils offer the opportunity to communicate from areas unimaginable before.

GlassVuE - Utilizes the "black shelves" technology to shade the screen surface from sunlight and bright lights. This is a rear projection film that is available in sizes up to a 100" diagonal.


Window TV - A rear projection window film with a 2500 lumen DLP projector. Available in a 40" or 50" diagonal screen, that uses the black shelves technology.


A GlassVuE display is mounted above the door to this gas station/convenience store to attract customers at the pumps and advertise specials.

LUMIN PowerVu - A very bright (20 Gain), rear projection foil available in 4:3 or 16:9 formats. Sizes go up to a 100" diagonal.
  • Diagonals to 80 in 4 x 3, and 100 in 16 x 9 aspect ratios with no seam.

  • Larger sizes available to a 242 diagonal with nearly invisible factory seam

  • Ultra bright while maintaining a good viewing angle

  • Available with a stylish frame or without

  • Custom shapes and sizes

  • Non-specific display orientation use in portrait or landscape formats

  • No special projection angle required

  • Lifetime warranty

  • View complete specifications

TransVuE - Window films with their own water activated adhesive. They are available in 3 types - see-thru (TV70), semi transparent (TV60), and high contrast (TVC). Sizes are available up to an 80" diagonal in 4:3 and a 100" diagonal in 16:9.

  • Diagonals to 80 in 4 x 3, and 100 in 16 x 9 aspect ratios.

  • Available as a hard-type, free hanging display when mounted on acrylic.

  • Ready to apply, water activated self adhesive

  • Custom shapes and sizes available

  • Low cost

  • No specific projection angle required

  • View complete specifications